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by Mary Evans

MaryIn November/December of 2015, I had the opportunity to work as a volunteer doula for Dar a Luz Honduras in three public hospitals in three different cities. In each labour and delivery department, I was welcomed by the staff and was able to participate in all aspects of labour, birth and immediate postpartum. It was very evident that Dar A Luz had been present in all three hospitals. There were posters about their ‘Campaign For Respectful Birth’ and reminders on the walls about protecting the perineum and avoiding the use of fundal pressure. In one hospital, there were curtains supplied by Dar a Luz which could be closed in order to give labouring women some privacy. In another hospital there were sheets provided by Dar a Luz because there often were not enough sheets for labouring mothers to lie on or under.

I was able to be part of a workshop for nurses given by Dar a Luz at a busy public hospital. It was the first of three parts demonstrating ways to attend to a mother’s physical comfort and emotional needs (more…)


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San Felipe DonationsIn December, we were able to take a big box of donated items to one of the public hospitals in Tegucigalpa. There were some medical supplies and lots of sheets, which are always in short supply in the labour and delivery room. The staff was very enthusiastic about receiving these items.

San Felipe Donations2Thanks so much to Shawna Symons for your efforts to organize donations back in Canada and for sending them down to us! Sheets have been very much needed! The neonatolgy department has been very happy about the cpr ambu bags. Thanks to all the people who supported this wonderful action!

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