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Introduction of pregnancy calenders and heart beat counters to the midwives. With volunteer doulas Stephanie White and Kristi Macaulay.

 by Kristi Macaulay

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San Ignacio is a 3 hour drive from the closest hospital and for those who live in the surrounding towns the distance can be upwards of six hours.  In 2012 Amanda Rizik, a former volunteer with Dar a Luz, visited the remote area of San Ignacio to explore for the first time the struggles, and the wisdom, of the local midwives. Traditional midwifes in Honduras, unlike other parts of the world, do not receive any formal training. Although they possess wisdom at working with their intuition, midwives in remotes areas like San Ignacio often lack the skill and knowledge to work with an emergency situation.

In January 2014 it seemed like the right time to finally address these issues. Silvia started to organize a seminar to provide the midwives in San Ignacio with essential  training. Together with Rhonda Lee Grantham, a midwife with extensive international experience, they created a 5 day workshop. They would soon facilitate training with the full support of San Ignacio, which opened the Town Hall to hold the event.  With the attendance of the regional head nurse, Belleza Andinio, the seminar began.  Other participants included the local doctor, nurses and community workers.

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Rhonda teaching in San Ignacio

by Kristi Macaulay

A warm thank you goes out to Rhonda Lee Grantham.
Rhonda is an experienced homebirth and hospital midwife and doula in Olympia, Washington. (Wild Rose Midwifery).

Having a lot of international experience, she deeply understands the role of a doula and midwife in a country like Honduras.

During her stay in Honduras, Rhonda volunteered as a Doula in 3 different hospitals throughout the country. Her midwife skills were put to use in San Ignacio during a 5 day doula and midwife training seminar, where together with Silvia, Rhonda prepared the curriculim. This was the first ever intense training seminar facilitated by Dar a Luz. Rhonda also hold a one day midwife seminar in the mountains of La Ceiba. Her talents also extended into the office, where she was a great help with administration and public relations for Dar a Luz.

Rhonda is an open minded midwife. Her empathy, compassion and intuition was invaluable.


Carmen and Silvia


Beautiful and much needed Donations

by Kristi Macaulay

Dar a Luz would like to extend a big thank you to Carmen Wiebe.
During her stay in Honduras, Carmen volunteered in two different hospitals supporting women in labour and delivery.  She also kindly helped with public relations and administration. Her assistance also extend prior to her stay in Honduras with the help and support of her community in Canada, where Carmen collected and donated  much needed items for use of Dar a Luz initiatives, including Canadian handmade and store bought baby clothes, as well as sewing kits for the Breast Feeding Pillow Project.

Happy New Year!

Feliz Neuvo FelizNeuvo! FelizNeuvo2!by Rhonda Lee Grantham
What a joy it was to celebrate the New Year as a volunteer with Dar a Luz Honduras. My 14 year old daughter, Oceanna, bundled up tiny baby clothes with festive gold ribbon. As each new baby was born, hospital volunteers Nadine, Maria and I gifted the new mothers with their much-appreciated package. Each bundle contained donated items from oceans away- perhaps a pajama brought by a volunteer who traveled from Europe, or a baby blanket that was once wrapped around a baby in the United States. We all thank you for helping to gift some of the country’s poorest families with these needed baby items with your donations! We would especially like to thank Nancy Bettis for organizing donations of new baby outfits. With these and other donated items, we strive to offer these sweet gifts to struggling families all year long! By donating to Dar a Luz programs, you are not only helping to meet the needs of some of the country’s poorest families- but also, you are helping to offer gestures of pure joy to the families of Honduras! For ideas on helpful donations and other ways to support our programs, please visit our Wish List page.
Sheila Reynoso

Sheila Reynoso, health care educator and a wonderful doula

by Carmen Wiebe

Many thanks to Anna and Sheila!  Sheila was able to volunteer with Dar a Luz for 5 days, during which she really made a difference in the hospital by providing support for many women.

Also Sheila and Anna assisted with a childbirth education workshop.  Sheila helped to create a good, warm and welcoming atmosphere, and Anna took part in teaching the workshop.

Anna collaborated with Dar a Luz for two weeks. She also spent Christmas Eve ate the hospital to be a wonderful doula for a lot of women. Anna  brought many donations for the project, including much needed gloves, blood pressure cuffs, and other needed supplies. Thanks to Sheila and Anna for being such wonderful doulas and for all the work you are doing!

Thank you  to Maria Charbula and Nadine Hartl very much for their time and contributions.  Maria and Nadine are midwifery students from Austria, they came in the beginning of January and spent 5 weeks with Dar a Luz Honduras. Mainly Maria and Nadine volunteered in the hospital by assisting the women during their labour, delivery and afterwards by showing them compassion, employing a variety of comfort measures. They also cared for babies in the Neonatal Unit.  Maria and Nadine participated in many other Dar a Luz initiatives such as a childbirth education workshop in La Ceiba, and a meeting with traditional midwives in a remote mountain village.  Maria graciously donated her sewing skills, and Nadine her time, to make curtains from the materials bought by Dar a Luz for the hospital in Tela.  There often six or more women labor together in one room, so these curtains will provide some privacy.

Maria and Nadine have been wonderful help with their positivity, skills, and knowledge.  We truly appreciate everything they have done.

Nadine Hartl

  Nadine Hartl, midwife student from Austria, she provided wonderful support to the women in the hospital.



Maria Chabula, giving some care and love to a baby in the neonatla ward. She alos supported in a wonderful way many women during childbirth.




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